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blue blouse with flower patterns


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The blouse is a fairly dressed garment that goes well with jeans or a short skirt. Made of a few buttons at chest and wrist height, embraces the silhouette and highlights the generous shapes. It can be worn in all circumstances: at the office, a meeting between professionals, a couple's meal, a family outing... According to the models, it is an elegant, relaxed or recent garment. Among the inevitable of the dressing room, you will find the very famous mini white cottony blouse! 

 The blouse is the feminine version of the shirt. In the Middle Ages, is made of flax, nettle or hemp textile and is worn as an underwear. Simple and white in colour, it is cooked for cleaning. Today, different fabrics can be made of different fabrics such as cotton, linen, silk or various synthetic fabrics. Cotton is the most commonly used material. 

 You can also lean towards a long blouse, which you will wear in dress on the hottest days. During the winter months, take on a little schoolgirl look by putting your blouse under a sweatshirt or vest, letting the collar stick out. On the model side, for women is no longer a demanding piece; on the contrary, it develops as you wish. No more austere shirts, at Fire girl Paris our shirts and blouses take on colors and dare everything: v-shaped neckline, embroidered details, flounces, lace...

 Timeless and unmistakable, this is the easy to put on piece that the whole dressing room demands in spring! Paradox: if the woman's shirt arrives from the men's dressing room, it offers us the opportunity to remain feminine in all circumstances. With fire girl bets. Fr, come and discover the various variations of a key piece of the wardrobe that folds up to all your ideas! 

 Inevitable of the summer season, shirts and tunics are an integral part of any woman's wardrobe that respects herself! With hundreds of different models sold by fire girl, how can you not find your love at all among so many possibilities? Whether you are casual or elegant, see if you like to reconcile the 2, the range that we offer you will be able to answer all your ideas. A wide variety of looks and models fill our abundant and attractive catalogue! You will be able to perfect your wardrobe for this summer period by completing it with new exceptional or very classy clothes! 

For a more dressed and elegant look, lean for plain shirts and emphasise your silhouette by leaning against the cut. Bring out your look and state of mind while maintaining a chic and refined style. Perfect for the professional environment or for a cocktail party! For a more tropical look, try our tropical or multicolored fabrics. They are famous for their summery look and are symbols of cheerfulness. 


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