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is Le is a fairly dressed garment that fits easily with a denim or skirt. Made of a few buttons at the bust and wrist height, it adapts to the silhouette and flatters the flattering forms. It is worn in every circumstance: at work, a meeting between professionals, a meal with a couple, or an outing in the evening. Depending on the models, it is an elegant, casual or recent garment. One of the highlights of the dressing-room is the very famous cottony white baby!

 For those who prefer more fluid cuts and lighter materials, the blouse is also a garment that will give you elegance and freedom. With its sophisticated cut and details, the femmme shirt adds an ounce of elegance to your outfits. In summer, you will have the choice between short sleeves or long sleeves, to wear in your jeans pants or your skirt for a trendy effect.

 You can also choose a long one, which you will not hesitate to wear in a small dress on the hottest days. In wintertime, wear your little schoolgirl style under a sweatshirt or sweater over your neck. On the model side, for ladies is no longer a strict outfit; on the contrary, it develops as you wish. No more cold blouses, at Fire girl Paris our blouses and blouses take on hues and dare everything: v neck, embroidered details, flounces, lace...

The size firegirl bets is offered from size 36 to size 58. Unique, colourful, with printed, striped or pattern patterns, is available in many copies! Take it with long, medium-long or short sleeves. Select your favourite copy, receive it efficiently and put it in your home! You will find the particular details of each model on the sheet describing the associated product: texture, colour, size, length, cut-out, type of sleeves. Feel free to check out the comments on the articles written by the buyers!

 Unavoidable of summer, blouses and tunics will be an integral part of any woman's wardrobe who values herself! With thousands of different fire girl's copies, how can I not find my love at first sight among so many options? Whether you're relaxed or graceful, see if you love to play with the 2, the range we offer will answer all your madness. A variety of styles and models make our catalogue abundant and attractive! You can improve your wardrobe for this summer by filling it with all new original or very elegant outfits!

 With skinny jeans or skinny pants, cigarette jeans, straight cut skirt. The woman's shirt changes look with a lot of ease! She also demonstrates character: embroidered pearls, mini pearly buttons, sequins, Col Claudine, breastplate, buttons on the back. You've got it: the firegirl blouses bets come in at your leisure. With them, all styles are allowed! 


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