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The blouse is a more or less dressed garment that can be easily combined with a denim or short skirt. Made of a few attachments at chest and wrist height, embraces the shape of the body and highlights the plentiful curves. It can be worn in all circumstances: at the office, meetings between professionals, romantic meals, outings, etc. According to the models, it is an elegant, relaxed or recent garment. Among the essentials of the closet is the very famous white cotton mini blouse!

A key part of the cloakroom, this high added garment is never confined to an exclusive catalogue. Depending on the inspiration, it can bring out its strengths across all borders. Perfectly coordinated by its neckline, buttoning system and cut, the united shirt accompanies the suit curve imposed by a classic suit while favouring an androgynous style with a bootcut denim in raw canvas. As for the broad and light tunic, it delights the determination of the short pencil skirt by its indistinct manufacturing while playing with staggered superimposed superimpositions by extending below a leather perfecto. With always a little bit of carefree spirit.

 For a few seasons now, he has been putting himself with his sleeves up. It slips into the trousers and fits in with heels and jewelry. Casual and chic, it's perfect to go to the office and then after-work at the end of! The tight blouse is ideal for round people. He draws the waist and underlines the shoulders. To play with the colours, it joins with pants as big as flare denim. For more originality, turn away and open with a body jersey or knotted below the center of the belly!

 The large size firegirl blouse is available in sizes 36 to 58. Unique, colourful, with printed patterns, stripes or patterns, is available in many copies! Take it with long, medium or short sleeves. Select your favourite copy, get it quickly and try it at home! You will discover the details of each model on the card describing the matching product: material, colour, size, length, cut-out, copy of sleeves. Remember to browse through the comments on articles left by clients!

 Essential for the summer, shirts and tunics will be part of the wardrobe of any lady who considers herself! With thousands of different copies sold by fire girl, how can I not find my heart's desire among so many options? Whether you are relaxed or graceful, see if you like to reconcile the two, the range we offer you will meet all your expectations. A wide variety of styles and models fill our abundant and attractive catalogue! You can perfect your wardrobe for this summer by enriching it with all new exceptional or very elegant outfits!

More informal than other shirts, these women's shirts will provide pep's to suit your outfit. One last piece of advice before you give up: don't hesitate to wear your denim blouse in a short skater skirt in black, to bring a rock' n' roll side to. Whatever your look, will always remain a trendy and graceful outfit on us. 


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