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With short or long sleeves, plain or pattern color, in guipure or jeans, our ladies' blouses bring an ounce of femininity to your clothes. A true centrepiece of your wardrobe, for ladies comes in every fabric and every colour, to accompany you in every moment of your everyday life. A typical woman's garment, distinguished by its slim fit and buttoned front.

 For those who prefer more fluid cuts and lighter fabrics, the jacket is also a garment that will bring you elegance and lightness. With its meticulous cut and details, the woman's shirt adds a touch of sensuality to your clothes. In summer, you'll have a choice of short sleeves or long sleeves to wear inside your jeans or short skirt for a trendy look.

 Never out of inspiration, shirts and blouses for women also master the science of patterns. Small gingham or large gingham tiles, small sparse flowers or geometrical shapes, proceeding by frequent lines and refined nuances. On a short skirt with a short wallet or large jeans, he likes to energize the silhouette. In a shimmering aspiration, the tunic prefers intertwined curves, exuberant floral prints and contrasting guipure yokes. To have the star on a slim jean or to reduce oneself on a short skirt to froufrou, it remains the optimal model.

 These timeless outfits will prevent you from any misguided look, and never again will you run out of inspiration for your clothes. Our fashion advice? Break the sometimes too wise genre of this piece, by putting it under a leatherette jacket or with boyfriend cut jeans, for example. The blouse for ladies is a versatile piece that will go with all your fashion ideas, so play with unparalleled style and fashion trends.

 To vary the effects and adjust to each person's shape, play with the fabrics: crepe veil blouse, guipure blouse, cotton veil blouse, soft-touch blouse, satin or jean effect. In the corridors of the office with a white blouse or lavallière jacket, during a party with a top with scarf or soft printed patterns, for a picnic with a light and colorful tunic. Women's shirts are essential!

 For a more classy and charming style, lean for plain coloured blouse patterns and highlight your silhouette based on the cut. Highlight your look and personality while maintaining a chic and refined style. Perfect for professional use or for a small cocktail! For a more exotic look, test our models with exotic or tinted prints. They are remarkable for a summery style and are synonymous with cheerfulness.


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