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The blouse is a rather classy garment that fits easily with a denim or short skirt. Made up of a few fasteners at the torso and sleeves, the blouse embraces the silhouette and highlights the flattering shapes. It is worn in every circumstance: day at the office, meeting between professionals, dinner with a couple, going out in According to the standards, it is an elegant, cool or fashionable garment. One of the inevitable in the dressing-room is the very famous cotton-white mini blouse!

 An essential part of the cloakroom, this high value-added garment is never confined to an exclusive register. According to the inspiration, he can distribute his charms from all limits. Impeccably arranged by its collar, buttoning and cut, the plain-coloured shirt follows the garment line dictated by a classic tailor while promoting an ambiguous look with a bootcut denim effect in raw canvas. As for the broad and light tunic, the short pencil skirt's involvement is enchanted by its blurry sewing, while at the same time entertaining offbeat assemblages by crossing under a jacket made of imitation leather. With often a little bit of carefree mini-spirit.

 You can also adopt a long blouse, which you will wear in dress for the hottest ones. In wintertime, adopt a schoolgirl look by putting your blouse under a sweatshirt or sweater over, pulling out the neckline. On the model side, the blouse for women is no longer a rigid outfit; on the contrary, it develops as you wish. No more rigid shirts, at Fire girl Paris our shirts and shirts take on hues and tempt everything: v-neck, embroidered details, flounces, lace...

 Timeless and unavoidable, the blouse is the easy to wear outfit that the dressing-room demands from the summer months! Paradox: if the woman's shirt comes from the man's dressing room, it provides us with the opportunity to be a woman in all circumstances. With firegirlparis. Fr, discover the various varieties of a flagship dressing-room room that will satisfy all your desires!

 To vary the impressions and get used to each person's shape, the blouse plays with the materials: crepe veil blouse, guipure blouse, cotton veil blouse, soft-touch blouse, satin or denim effect. In the corridors of work with a white blouse or lavalier jacket, at a ceremony with a top printed in a scarf or soft print, for an outdoor meal with a light and printed tunic. Women's shirts are essential!

 With tight jeans or skinny jeans, cigarette jeans, short skirt with straight cut. The woman's shirt changes style with a lot of ease! She also shows character: small embroidered pearls, small pearly ties, sequins, Col Claudine, bibs, back ties. You have seized it: the firegirl betting shirts present themselves as you wish. With them, most genres are allowed! 


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