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Le is a fairly classy garment that easily blends in with jeans or a short skirt. Made of a few buttons on the bust and wrists, the blouse adopts the shape of the body and benefits from the abundant curves. It can be used in every situation: at the office, meetings between professionals, dinners for couples, family outings... According to the standards, it is a charming, casual or contemporary garment. Among the inevitable of the dressing-room, you will find the very famous white cotton mini mini!

 A key piece of the wardrobe, this high value-added garment is never confined to an exclusive repertoire. Inspired by inspiration, he knows how to spread his strengths beyond all limits. Perfectly structured by its neckline, buttoning and cut, the plain coloured shirt accompanies the neatly arranged garment line with a classic style, while taking advantage of an ambiguous effect with a bootcut denim denim denim jean. As for the tunic dress, it delights the determination of the short pencil skirt by its indistinct manufacturing while having fun with the staggered superimpositions by surpassing under a perfecto in real leather. With always a touch of bohemian spirit.

 For a few seasons now, the blouse has been fitted with folded sleeves. It slips into the trousers and fits in with stiletto heels and jewelry. Casual and chic, it's the ideal outfit to hurry to go to the office and then after work in de! The curved is ideal for round people. He draws the waist and accentuates the shoulders. To have fun with the colors, it allies itself with a wide pants like flare jeans. For more originality, the blouse can be turned around and is not closed with a tank top or tied under the navel!

 These timeless pieces will prevent you from any mislooking, and never again in your life you will be lacking ideas for your outfits. Our fashion advice? Break the sometimes too sober side of this outfit, by putting it under a perfecto in real leather or with jeans cut boyfriend, among others. Women's wear is a versatile outfit that will keep up with all your fashion craziness, so play along with unique looks and the latest fashion trends.

 To vary the sensations and adjust to each silhouette, the blouse plays with the fabrics: in crepe veil, lace, cotton veil, silky feel, satin or jeans effect. In the corridors of work with a white or lavallière jacket, during a wedding ceremony with a top with silky or silky printed motifs, for a picnic with a light and colorful tunic dress. The lady shirt is essential!

 With skinny or tight fitting trousers, cigarette pants, short skirt right. The young lady's shirt changes its look with a lot of ease! She also demonstrates originality: embroidered pearls, small pearly buttons, sequins, Col Claudine, breastplate, buttons on the back. You've got it: fire girl blouses are endlessly available. With them, most looks are allowed! 


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