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The cut (, very wide, narrow), the texture (cotton, canvas, linen, silk, silk, veil, iridescent, coated.), the color (light, dark, reddish, coral, blue, green, ecru effect, khaki effect.), the print (floral, exotic, camouflage..) are the parameters-fashion to study to find your favorite Chinese woman! Yes, the Chinese woman has the genius to be and practical. So, we are delighted to buy it on fire girl Paris!

 We particularly prefer their fatal woman side, raised heels and rock' n' roll bag to the key. By slimming the shape of the body and loosening the hold, pumps and heel sandals are their best companions. They feminize the look and harmonize very harmoniously androgynous pieces like combinations. For a feminine and vaporous side, we will have the skill to play also on the assemblages with a light blouse, equipped with a bucket bag. In order to mark their beautiful size, the shapes of the body will even have the advantage of finding belt models.

 We prefer the slender look she offers us, the chic look she gives off and finally the perfection of the lines she draws. Unique ensemble, the pants suit scrolls to work and runs away, with this pure elegance that suits us. For the holidays, they are perfect, accessories for jewellery, a handbag, a mini pouch, a hat...! Each element is important to make the difference at a family meal, a crazy meal or a Christmas and New Year's ceremony.

 Fire girl Paris offers you Chinese in all its forms. Distinguished, urban women will appreciate the jeans, pleated jeans and classic shapes. Ladies of natural origin and relaxed ladies will choose stretch jeans, jeans in denim or linen, practical and cozy everyday. Fashion women will follow the trends very closely, focusing on Chinese Chinese or Chinese cigarettes. Play with the fashion fire girl Paris.

 Pancake pants for formal dress, Chinese skinny to note your shapes, Chinese seven-eighth for comfort in summer: there is something for everyone! Depending on your morphology and the look you want to create, do your e-shopping at fire girl Paris. To please all of you, most of our models are sold in many colours. This gives you the ability to change the pleasures and find in a few clicks of the mouse the shade that best matches the rest of your closet.

Because we love to offer you selection, we offer dozens of trouser suits to keep you at the forefront of your fashion trends while showing your own style. You will be able to please all your fantasies according to the setting and the season. For your professional meetings, the chinese pincers or chinese straight cut of dark color preferably will be excellent to give you a classy and chic look.


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