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White tight-fitting dress


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According to its shape and shape, the dress seems to show the many facets of a lady. The long dress may well show restraint and class. The short dress may well show boldness. When it exposes certain parts of the body, it tends to imply a certain sensuality. With motifs and trimmed, shows a strong inventiveness. Depending on the shade, shows a certain state of mind.


Because the most essential characteristic is the silhouette of each lady. A little tip: choose a cut according to your size and shape. Women of small size should therefore avoid elongated cuts, which are fashionable to flatten the shape of the body. They will therefore wear short models or at knee height, with a nice pair of pumps. The leg will be slimmer and the shape of the body will be slimmer. Larger women will have a wide range of choices because each and every idea is allowed! Long or short models, the panel of choice will be done easily!

The little dress is THE feminine outfit of our dressing room. It is suitable for every occasion. She will be dressed short or strapless at ceremonies, at the knee level during the day combined with sneakers for a fashionable look, and long for a romantic and bohemian spirit. Not to mention of course the timeless little dark dress, a must! For fashionable style, lean for denim overalls, and when the weather conditions are milder, a fluid combination will be perfect!


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