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Originally taken for its practical aspect, the lady's poncho becomes the star of any wardrobe! Discover how to combine temperature and look. Long or shortened, loose or tight, traditional or trendy: the woman's coat, this essential wardrobe outfit, is available in all shades. As winter approaches, we take it with care, according to our desires, but without skipping design. And why not adopt a woolly look or imitated fur coat for ladies, remarkable for daytime walks by the sea or autumn evenings, over denim pants or dark trousers and accompanied by women's shoes?

Coats, and women's comforts to revive the styles! The coat is suitable for all looks and circumstances and can be relaxed as elegant, easy to use as atypical. You can select shortened or long and in various materials and colours. The word "coat" ultimately covers several types of copies. Among them, the jacket, which is a short jacket with a rather sporty appearance. As long as the weather conditions are not too low, you can adopt the polar fleece, Saharan overcoats, blazers or suits. Before you go to the warm coat, you can adopt a trench coat. Is it cold? Place to the comforters, inside which you will like to twist your armour.

In a sober or sophisticated mood, the jacket continues its rise in style by giving an urban impulse to our ensembles, sometimes sophisticated. It is piled up both in carrot pants and shorts to delimit our body shape without overloading it. Wearing open on a dress or short skirt, becomes wise and gains in charisma. With a short pleated skirt and a jacket with a Claudine collar, one takes it in leather to supplement the schoolgirl style of this combi. It is willingly traded for an exemplary jacket style to replace a chic outfit made up of the pair of trousers, carrot and wide silk tank top. An ideal outfit to organize our outfits effortlessly

To wear your jacket properly, it is possible to accompany it with accessories. A nice brooch is always welcome, but you can also bring a light and light side, with the help of a scarf. Take it with colors or more sober, depending on the look you want to give your outfit. For the selection of the outfit, no worries, the jacket is worn with everything! Wearing a pair of slim denim pants and a pair of small heels, your jacket will give you a very fashionable Parisian touch. You will then be able to accompany it with accessories with a necklace selected according to your tastes. Wearing a short skirt with a well-cut black short skirt, the jacket is ideal for going to work. Also, about the hue, know that the dark is still a sure value, but that the beige and light tone are also well noted! These colours do not fade away, so you can keep them for many years.

To sign a look that is straightforwardly in the fifties, you can wear a denim jacket over a polka dot shirt that fits perfectly into denim pants with colours. In the evening, we prefer an explanation in stretch that could be of the most beautiful effect on a mini dress strapless effect and heels. A shortened and tightened camber will come, he will warm up our dress and naturally note our size. We prefer it effect quilted in lavender blue to combine it easily with a hat and a light shirt and provide us with a mini caballero look. In a whimsical or preppy effect, the reddish jacket completely helps to redefine our body shape and give us expression.

A long coat tends to refine the shape of a lady's body. Wearing over a short skirt, dress or tailor's pants, this kind of ladies' garment is frequently made of real woolly or fleece material. Warmer and thicker than the raincoat, the long jacket becomes the designation warm suit in winter. The women's coat is developed in both black and flashy shades or an original shade to brighten up the weather.


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