The blouse is the feminine version of the shirt. In feudal times, it is made of flax, nettle or hemp and is worn as an underwear. Simple and light-coloured, it is cooked for cleaning. Today can consist of different fabrics such as cotton, linen, silk or other artificial fabrics. Cotton is the most exploited material.

Traditional line perfectly drawn or air space perfectly blurred, shirts tunics for women tell their own story of the class. Because between refined chic and romantic vision, they are allowed to choose from a wide range of look variations. From the business-like look of the light shirt introduced under the blouse to the whimsical body shape of an aerial blouse on a slim, they answer their homework at all times. Ease of use, they bring the exact note to the outfit.

You can also adopt a long blouse, which you will not hesitate to wear in dress on the hottest days. In winter, take on a schoolgirl look by wearing your blouse under a sweater or vest, and sticking out your neckline. On the model side, for women is no longer a rigid outfit; on the contrary, it is infinitely available. No more austere shirts, at Fire girl Paris our shirts and blouses take on shades and dare everything: v neck, embroidered details, flounces, lace...

Timeless and inescapable, it's the easy to wear outfit that the whole dressing-room demands from March! Paradoxically, if the woman's shirt arrives straight from the man's dressing room, it offers us the opportunity to be feminine in all circumstances. Firegirlparis. Fr, discover the many variations of a key piece of the dressing-room that folds up to all your ideas!

And because any fashion lover should be able to rest on good fundamentals, don't skip the white or dark coloured shirts, which will save you in any situation, and famous companions for your office days. For your evenings with colleagues, prefer our blouses, which will bring freshness and relaxation to your outfit. Feel like fantasy? Bend for patterns: striped patterns, polka dots and prints are very trendy, making this traditional outfit a true trendy item. And to break the traditional codes of the blouse a little more, let yourself be tempted by our specimens in jeans or denim.

For a more classy and charming look, lean for plain shirt samples and enhance your body shape by leaning against the cut. Bring out your look and state of mind while keeping a chic and refined look. Perfect for professional use or a cocktail party! For a more exotic look, try our tropical or multicoloured prints. They are famous for their summery look and are symbols of joy.