The small jacket for women is the fine ounce that regularly raises our appearance. Perpetually redesigned, this coat is available in precise cut-outs to give us a contemporary look. The jean version is immediately passed on to a black bodysuit and a high waist short skirt for brunch or the sleeveless belted version combined with a bermuda shorts with printed patterns to give us an exploratory look. The little jacket for women, a recent and eclectic look

The small zipped and curved women's jacket in synthetic material is the garment of sports wear elegance. The small tailor's jacket is designed to improve trousers in a simple and restrained manner, expressing an impeccable view, ideal for formal wear. On the other hand, there is the small zipped jacket, military style or the jacket. At your disposal in imitation leather, suede or velvet, a small short jacket highlights women with slender waist. A small long jacket emphasizes the more pronounced feminine forms with style. The small curved jacket usually shows a notch on the back that should not be opened once you wear the small jacket.

Whether sober or elaborate, the small jacket continues its progression of style by giving an impulse sometimes urban, sometimes sophisticated to our ensembles. It can be piled up in carrot pants or a bermuda shorts to frame our silhouette without cluttering it. Wearing open on a small dress or a short skirt, becomes more relaxed and more elegant. With a short pleated skirt and a Claudine collar jacket, we take it in imitation leather to counterbalance the little schoolgirl style of this combi. It is easily exchanged for a jacket style model to enhance a chic outfit made up of the pair of trousers carrot and wide silk tank top. An ideal piece for structuring our outfits effortlessly

Also remember to select your top coat according to your daily clothing. The cuddly toy or jacket will not make a good match with a pretty little dress to leave in the evening. Preserve tight waist jackets and tailor sets for your work days and professional meetings. If you're teasing, choose a small colorful jacket and a more matte jacket to make sure you don't stay on top of the tile! To improve your winter or summer look, dozens of scarves, goats and hats are waiting for you in our online shop.

In winter, women want to wear a pleasant overcoat, offering warmth and comfort. However, this one must not be less feminine. The winter overcoats perfectly combine all these points. With a small belt, natural fur, a cut close to the body, a girl will remain equally feminine by -10 degrees! They will be able to choose a classic model, especially a wool overcoat. This texture is very soft to wear. For women who like exercise and modernity, a comfort jacket will soon have to join their wardrobe. The latter can be used in urban and mountainous areas. The large down jackets are now available in a very wide choice of styles and shades, flashy at times. With their fluffy greetings, they will quickly become unanimous.

Choose a pretty little jacket for women according to its silhouette! Mandatory in a lady's dressing room, the small jacket is a garment that must be chosen according to her silhouette. It is not advisable to use your little sister's favourite jacket or your best friend, but to conform to some alternatives, in order to find your own little jacket. First of all, texture is very important. Choose fabrics of natural origin, which are more comfortable to wear, and are resistant to the passage of time. The woolly material is a good choice for the cold season and cotton remains the sure value of the summer period. Then, think about the timeless side of the little jacket, which must be able to follow you during the seasons!